Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Hello Democrats, liberals, progressives and Bernie fans! Turns out that one of your candidates got screwed by media collusion, lies, astroturf protests and good, old-fashioned cheating, depriving you of your voice in this democracy. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

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Anonymous said...

The really fun part tho may very well be the next shoe to drop. Wiki is saying that they have a bigger bomb that is coming soon. Of course everyone claims that they have more ammo even when they don't. But if they do have an even bigger show stopper, and it is actually published before they all have a tragic gym accident, I wonder what that special information would be? If they know how to do a proper set-up, and it is quite possible they do since they have all of the e-mails and would know which ones to release to make the last drop so astounding. What would happen if the next e-mail drop happened to show that not only was Hillary deeply involved in this scam to run a candidate just to prove Hillary can win a primary,,,BUT the next drop could actually show that Bernie was a willing accomplice in every part of this scam and he knowingly used those who were foolish enough to follow him as props in a play. How would that feel for all of those being BURNED?

MSG Grumpy