Monday, 8 August 2016

Caroline Glick on the Hubris of the USA Jewish Left....................from Dan Friedman

[You can find Caroline Glick on Facebook here, but you’ll need to have your own FB account and be logged in first to see it. For those not on Facebook, or don’t want to bother, here’s Caroline’s short riposte to a piece from the far-left Jewish Forward about young “progressive” Jews threatening to abandon the Jewish community if it doesn’t embrace the liberal left agenda. df]
"I need for the anti-Semitic Jews, young and old to understand something. We aren't "losing" you. You lost us. It's up to you to find your way back. No one is chasing you. ‘Kapish?’ " 

[Bottom line: In the Jewish world, and especially Israel, the balance of power is shifting in favor of strong Jews and authentic Zionists. The tables have turned one last time. And nobody says it better than Caroline Glick. df]

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