Monday, 8 August 2016

Moving to Benghazi..................from Rico

When Hillary infamously said "What difference does it make?" about the Americans she murdered at Benghazi, one supposes that she 'thought' what she was saying out loud sounded better than what she was thinking: "It makes no difference to me, you morons!"
And this one-woman human train-wreck has the 'audacity' to say she needs your vote.
- But again, that probably sounds better to her to say out loud than what she is thinking ("We're 'rigging' this election just like the primary and I cannot lose, so who needs your vote, you morons?!").
Well, she DOES need some help.
- Skip her mental instability, the "short circuits", the seizures, forgetting who her husband is, or that 'hole' in her tongue, she needs help climbing a few stairs! I bet the media isn't showing the attached Getty Image around.
Even that 74-year old Commie that she could only 'beat' in a "rigged primary" is in better physical shape than she obviously is.
Senility came early for Hillary........but I digress.
Coming full-circle back to Benghazi, it figures in my "Plan B" in the event she 'wins' a "rigged" election like she 'won' a "rigged" primary......moving to Benghazi!
- I know I'll be left alone by her there!

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