Saturday, 6 August 2016

Does this mean it's serious?...................from Rico

Another bogus NFP (non farm payroll) Friday again. Job creation claimed (but no mention that they were crappy part-time, low-wage, jobs and were not good-paying, full-time, jobs).
- The US Gov't  (stealing the EU's Jean-Claude Junker's approach: quote "When it becomes serious, you have to lie." unquote) claims unemployment is steady at 4.9% instead of the un-massaged actual ~23% unemployment rate.
I guess it's serious enough that they feel they HAVE to lie, and hide the fact that 94,333,000 working age Americans are out of a job, but a new record 25,984,000 non-American immigrants are employed.
And "SuhPrise, SuhPrise, SuhPrise" the incredible shrinking Dollar suddenly gets "juiced" while Gold and Silver bullion are "unexpectedly" kneecapped by the usual suspects on that most "rigged" and dishonest of markets, the COMEX.

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