Saturday, 6 August 2016

The DNC Khan Con.................from Rico

This is absolutely hideous and grotesque.
While the entire DNC convention was one CON writ large from beginning to end, and glossing-over how NONE of the Benghazi Four survivors were deemed worthy enough to be brought on stage, but a Muslim Brotherhood and Clinton-Obama-Democrat crony WAS (for something that happened 12 years ago), read the two attachments and decide for yourself if America has been (again) played for a sucker. A mug. A patsy.
If that's how you're being treated by these slick phonies now before the election, imagine how it will be for you in future, after the election?

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Mark Matis said...

WHY are you surprised???

Taqiyya is a basic part of the raghead religion. The Khan family is merely practicing it at its finest. The Democrats know it. The Rove Republicans know it. The Media know it. Yet they scream against Trump instead.

Trump was EXACTLY correct to say what he did about the Khans. And you, and the REST of the Republican crowd that refuses to support The Donald because Your Boy lost are every bit as bad as those damnable bastards.