Wednesday, 28 September 2016

All Shook Up.........................from Rico

"Shake it baby, shake; shake it baby, shake...there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on" as the immortal Jerry Lee sang it.
The feckless kept, MSM is covering up Hillary's odd "shaking episode" at the debate* as a "shimmy." Video clips are making the rounds, and you can decide for yourself, or you can trust them to tell you.
- Not that there's anything wrong with her neurological health, mind you.
If my car does a "shimmy" at any speed above park, I get the alignment fixed. If a struggling graduate student working as a pole dancer does a "shimmy" I give her a nice tip.
- There IS a difference between the two, no matter how Billy BJ may define the word "is" and most of us can tell them apart. My kindest guess is that her catheter may have slipped.
Post-debate* polls have not been especially kind to Hilary (misspelling intentional, there is only one "L" in "Loser"), even the ABC (Always Behind Clinton) News Poll places her 4th, behind Jill Stein and Gary Johnson who weren't part of the debate*).
*Debate? I'd have to agree with the UK's Daily Mail, it was more like an audition, with moderator Lester Holt auditioning to be Hillary's press secretary.

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