Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Losing with ObamaCare. Again........................from Rico

Another suck-cess for barry's "signature legacy" ObamaCare!

Major insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is pulling the plug on its entire ObamaCare participation in Tennessee for 2017.
The "Affordable Care Act" aka ObamaCare again proves itself to be a lose-lose proposition.
- BCBS is losing too much money to be able to afford to participate.
- Roughly 131,000 people will lose their health insurance coverage.
Thanks Nancy, we continue to see what was "in" this steaming pile of legislative crap that you passed by a unanimous Democrat (C) vote (with no Republicans).
- Have I mentioned what assholes you ALL are yet?


Mark Matis said...

Ah, but Hillary is running ads on TV claiming that Obamacare was passed with bipartisan cooperation between Democrats and Republicans.

I have no doubt that will be a topic during the next debate...

WoodBurner said...

Actually had bipartisan opposition.