Friday, 9 September 2016

Am I President Yet?....................from Rico

Because "I am not a crook" was already used by Nixon, and "I am not a liar" is completely laughable, Comrade Madam Hillary is struggling to find a "message' to sell to voters.
- Voters who, so far, ain't buying whatever she's selling.
Remember "Ready for Hillary" which mutated into "I'm with Her" which was then swapped for "Fighting for Us" which currently is "Stronger Together?"
- The next likely "message will be this one: "cough-cough-cough Trump cough-cough-cough is a meanie cough-cough-cough."
If not exactly "poetic" it IS (in any way that Bill can define the meaning of "is") "poetic justice" for HMF (Her Marxist Fithiness).

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