Friday, 9 September 2016

Fighting rear guard during retreat........................from Rico

Napoleon, Hitler, now the COMEX...all fought rear guard actions during their retreats.
As the US economy retreats, the 'usual suspects' are fighting to suppress Gold and Silver spot prices to maintain a dead economy (and fiat) walking with everything they have...and they have lots of unbacked 'notional' paper.
You can clearly 'see' exactly when the COMEX started their trading day in precious metals. Just like yesterday, after Gold made a 'run' back to $1,350 and Silver to $20 overnight in global trading, they were promptly 'kneecapped' to bring their prices down.
- The "wise guys" have done this before, and until they run out of paper or someone demands physical and it cannot be 'delivered' and it cannot be, (remember DB's failure to deliver from a few days ago?).
It looks like the current "line in the sand" is $1,350 & $20.
- For now. This time...
This is the kind of thing you see happen when lies are piled upon lies, and crimes heaped upon crimes in a corrupted system.
- You think things are "broken" now? Just wait until Hillary "fixes" things.................

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Anonymous said...

Rico, why don't you and others join together and file a complaint with the SEC? Collect your evidence, and request an investigation. Send your request to news agencies and congressional committees. And individual congresscritters.