Thursday 8 September 2016

Drugs, Rent Boys And Hypocrisy - Just Another Day In The Swamp................from Daniel Thomas

The latest revelations about the so-called Honourable Gentleman, Keith Vaz, is a measure of how deep into the fetid swamp the political class has dragged the once noble vocation of the people's representative. His drug fueled orgies with male prostitutes entitles him a to prominent place on the long list of  drunks, perverts, sexual predators, pedophiles, expense cheats and outright criminals that infest the Mother of Parliaments.

In the not too distant past the words honesty and integrity actually meant something and this vile piece of work would have resigned as soon as his sordid behavior became public knowledge but alas those days are long gone.

The sad part about this whole scandal is that despite his record of sleaze and corruption his colleagues in Parliament from both ends of the political spectrum, including the Speaker of the House, protect him as one of their own. This is regardless of the damage he has done, and continues to do, to Parliament and its fast fading reputation as a hallowed institution.

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