Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's probably not nothing.....................from Rico

The repeated, coughing fits, unsteadiness on her feet, public seizures, inappropriate laughing, opening pre-opened pickle jars, and the FIRST Presidential campaign in history with NO press conferences, etc are being called "health conspiracy theories" and speculation by Hillary.
- Her campaign spinmeisters are blaming "pollen" for her latest 4-minute spell of coughing. Except, like everything else being spewed-forth for public consumption even the unconvincing narrative of pollen was a lie.....there was no pollen.
Trained doctors, on the other hand, see Parkinson's Disease.
- You can read what one has to say about Hillary's health in the attached Adobe .pdf file. You won't hear this from a media complex (all graduates cum laud of Journalism 101) desperate to drag Hillary's carcass over the Nov 8th finish line so they can continue their "weekend with Hillary" indefinitely.

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