Thursday, 1 September 2016

Is This the End of Colin Kaepernick's Career?......................from Dan Friedman

You won't see this in the MSM yet, and maybe you never will. But reports on the internet are saying that the real reason Kaepernick won't stand up for the National Anthem is that his significant other is hip-hop radio personality DJ Nessa Diab who also happens to be a Black Lives Matter advocate and a Muslim to boot. Read one such story here, and judge for yourself. It goes on to say, "She and Colin Kaepernick are engaged, and Kaepernick converted to Islam during the off season."
Assuming these insinuations are true, the quarterback may have set a trap for himself. His Imam needs to remind the Islamist-in-training that they call the ball he throws for $11 million a year a pigskin! And for very good reason too.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope so for all the sports.
He has turned into an islam.
That is why he is being oppressed by us white boys.
However, he still will accept his 19 mill from us.
Fracken libturds!!!