Thursday, 1 September 2016

Protecting voters from their voting.....................from Rico

Another not-the-brightest 'idea' from gooberment...have DHS run the November election. I swear these leftist assholes sit around and try to think of what they can "get away with" next.
- Never mind that elections are a STATE function, and NOT a FEDERAL one, or what the formerly-known-as Constitution says about State vs. Federal rights.
- Are you asking instead WHY all-of-a-sudden the government [read: Barry] wants to take control of November's election?
Think about THIS:
- A government that fights tooth-and-nail against ANY effort to require voter ID, and has expanded early-voting to a month (making it impossible to monitor), and faces a very real possibility...nawww, a likelihood...of massive voter revolt, now decides they must 'protect' voting by turning the process itself? WTF?
Obama has already 'weaponized' the DOJ, IRS, and EPA to use against his enemies (the American people)....why NOT the corrupt and political DHS too?
- Swell idea, put DHS Jeh Johnson, a partisan hack appointed by Obama, in charge...he's as trustworthy as they come. Why not just put Comrade Barry directly in charge of the election? Or how about George $oro$, since he's Barry's boss anyway? Hell, why not just cut to the chase and tell all Americans how they voted since you obviously have a much better idea of how they 'should' vote than they do themselves?
Bear this in mind: without free-and-fair elections, there is no longer a country to be called America.
- It will have ceased to exist in anything but name and distant memory.
From the "ain't THAT a coincidence department" is this from US News & World Report: "The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8."
- NO. It is NOT a coincidence. It is, however, the very pose that will be used for Barry's pResidential portrait....a big FK YOU AMERICA one-finger salute.

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Jim said...

When dhs announces the results of the election on November 7, you will know the "fundamental transformation of America" is complete.