Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Make America Great Again....................from Dan Friedman

[From today until November 8th, the Trump campaign and his supporters should act as if the candidate was two points behind. With the thick smoke screen that the progressive media has laid down, it is nearly impossible to know where things really stand. The treacherous left is doing their best to keep the American people in the dark. For my part, I’ve seen the enormous crowds Trump attracts throughout the nation and, as Trumps points out at every stop, the leftist hacks avoid training their cameras on the wildly enthusiastic throngs. My own sense, from scanning the news from all angles everyday, is that there is a growing groundswell building for Trump in the USA. He will defy the “pundits” and the corrupt political elites as he has done everyday since he entered the race in February. I’m just recommending that we take nothing for granted. The brass ring is in front of us and we need only reach and grab it on election day. Plenty of time to celebrate on the day after. df]

Unite behind Trump, America. Last chance we’ll have to save our precious country from the grip of the left and make America great again!

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