Wednesday, 26 October 2016

'We'll have to pass it to see what's in it.' Nancy Pelosi.........................from Rico

Look at the smug, self-satisfied SMILE on Nancy Pelosi's face...Hell, on ALL of their Barry signs ObamaCare into law. Why are they smiling so?
- Because they knew they had just gotten away with jamming big government straight up the people's ass. No foreplay, no lubrication.
And liberal assholes like Politifact and the OFA Truth Team excoriated and publicly flayed any and all who had the audacity to tell the great unwashed the truth about how they had been played for suckers by publicly going against "the party line" of promised savings of $2,500 under ObamaCare by saying "this is going to cost you."
Now look at this lucky chap's premium INCREASE from 2015's $733 to 2016's $1,431. With already "approved" 2017 premium INCREASES ranging from 22-63%, try to imagine what kind of "savings" this family is going to see.
- For "Common Core" educated "progressives" and career, politicians....22% equates to a new premium of $1,746, and 63% equates to a new premium of $2,333.
Some "savings" huh? And this was baked into the cake on the front-end, AND THEY KNEW IT. And they lied about it anyway.
- That's why they're smiling, and no one else is...especially now that they get to "see what was in it."

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