Monday, 14 November 2016

Embrace the What?........................from Rico

The old-school Democrats, like Harry S. Truman and Hubert H. Humphrey, would not merely shake their heads in disbelief at how far their party has moved to the radical Left, but they would weep bitter tears to see it doubling-down on stupid in the aftermath of their 2016 defeat which extended all the way down the ballot.
- Barry Whatever-his-real-name-is and Hillary's radical (and spectacularly FAILED) policies and antics have left the House of the Jackass a smoldering pile of rubble. But wait! There's MORE!
Proving that "progressivism" really IS a mental disorder, the Democrats, because it has obviously worked so well for them (WTF?), are actually considering 'screaming' Howard Dean or Keith X. Ellison 'the Muslim from Minnesota' to replace the bobble-heads Debbie Hyphenate and Donna 'brain-dead buffalo' Brazile* to salvage the DNC. NONE of these clowns is a Truman or a Humphrey....not even close.
- Oh yeah, what a GREAT idea! MORE of the fringe looney-tunes radicalism that not only turned voters off, but pissed them off, is exactly how you do NOT rebuild a wrecked political party....but that's what they are considering.
Getting it backassward yet again, the Democrats have been so consistently and unerringly WRONG about nearly everything for decades, it's fair to say that if it weren't for BAD judgement they'd have NO judgement at all.
- They have chanted FORWARD while pointing rearwards to a proven history of failure while the Americans living in 96% of the land mass have correctly chosen to shoot their own 'back-azimuth' to that and move in the opposite direction from that indicated by the Donks.
Recent war veterans will understand the true meaning of the expression "embrace the suck" while "progressive Democrats" (using brains that are much like French army rifles, never been fired and dropped only once) have "embraced the radical" instead.
- Radicalism does indeed suck (hard enough to take the bend out of the Potomac) but you guys didn't quite "get it" as is usual for you over-educated idiots. This is NOT what "embrace the suck" means, but it's about time you (a) figured it out, and (b) started embracing it. The 'suck' part, not the 'radical' part.
*NO, I was NOT being unkind to Donna, those words were said by Madam Hillary right to Donna's face.

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