Monday, 14 November 2016

NYT Eats Crow; Still Doesn't Get It......................from Dan Friedman

[The NYT can’t bring itself to admitting its skewed and hysterical viewpoint made them look like idiots in the aftermath of Trump’s election. Instead, the arthritic grey lady substitutes a pathetic pep talk to its fast-declining readership. Seems everyone - except the sophisticated whores on 8th Ave – knows how childish and irrelevant they’ve become. Nor does Episcopalian Sulzberger understand how his arrogant statement is just a sign that he’s learned nothing over the past year – or over his lifetime. Indeed, he’s doubling down as the liberal’s house organ, and acknowledging that he’ll never get the slime and sleaze off his tailor-made suits. He must think they look becoming. df]

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