Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Media Mind Control..........................from Dan Friedman

As the detestable Michael Moore said a few days before the vote, the upcoming election would be the "greatest f##k you" in history. While the leftist-controlled media is gasping for breath about this "historic upset," there were just enough "We The People" last night to make them eat their words. Unfortunately, the cleansing waters that rolled over our us on Tuesday will not rise high enough to reach the members of the press. Their ability (and obsession) to produce self-fulfilling prophecies that support the neo-socialist agenda will not change in any perceptible way.
Henceforth, the freedom-loving people of the USA will have to take it upon themselves and stand guard against the corrupt Fourth Estate. They came that close to putting a fast-one by us yesterday, and if they had succeeded they'd be in virtual control of the information-flow in our country. The consequences of that are too terrible to contemplate. We must never allow that situation to happen again.


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