Wednesday, 9 November 2016

That voice..........................from Rico

THE map everyone is looking at today, the day after, looks like yuge areas of America went 'blue' as expected ...with the Left Coast and the Northeast and Illinois in the middle of a sea of red.
- Not. so. fast. Sparky.
A look at the red-blue map by counties tells a different story entirely from that intimidating state red-blue map.
- The 'progressive-libtard' infestation is indeed on the Left Coast and the Northeast, but it is only in a few mega-cities and corridors, and that cesspool otherwise known as Chicago. They do not have 'red' America 'surrounded' by an overwhelming sea of 'blue' but quite the opposite.
The second red-blue map by counties exposes their delusional obsession that THEY, the 'blues', should run the country for the 'reds.'
These concentrated small blue areas are the epicenter of the systemic 'rot' and home to the "welfare eaters" who have been supported by the "welfare spenders" with the money being taken from the "welfare payers" aka the red areas on the map.
And I'm staying DEPLORABLE and saying what very many are only thinking today, I'm "going" there:
- Looking at the bright side, that Marxist harpy will NEVER be President now, and we'll not have to listen to that....voice for four or possibly eight years. The campaign was quite long enough for that torture, thank you very much.
- Shiver me timbers, that voice. You ALL know whereof I speak, and would have voted for "Wilbur the talking horse" (who had a much better voice btw) before voting for that voice.
All the liberal tears this morning are just a bonus on top of the knowledge that we are all free from that voice.


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