Thursday, 29 December 2016

Q. What do Kerry, Obama, Hitler, and Arafat Have in Common?.....................from Dan Friedman

A. They all believed the presence of Jews was the problem. And each had their preferred final solution to end that presence once and for all.

[It’s always the same from time immemorial. Concentrate the Jews, then destroy as many as possible, like shooting fish in a barrel. Thanks to G-d and His Land Israel, this time will be different. As much as the “international community”would like, the world has no way to repeat the destruction of Jews without paying a prohibitive price themselves. Real Jews and righteous gentiles are privileged to live in such a generation. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Nations will stop trying to annihilate us anyway, hoping against hope the Jews will be compliant again. But happily, as we see today, the “world” is wrong, now and forever. df]

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