Thursday, 29 December 2016

UNEXIT......................from Rico

Barry did a great job of making the case "why Hillary should NOT be elected."
- He, as much as Hillary, convinced voters to boot her ass out the running to be his third term (as they both had argued she would be).
Of course, he had eight years of practice making the case "why no one should vote Democrat."
- He contributed to the consistent loss of Governorships, Senators, and Congresscritters during his reign, convincing voters to boot their asses out of elected office and reducing them to an urban 'fringe' group from their former national presence.
Now Barry and his boot-licking minions, with Kerry in the forefront, are taking a parting shot at screwing Israel using a weaponized UN making the case "why the UN needs to go away."
- He is now contributing to a UNEXIT movement by defending the indefensible UN Resolution 2334, convincing sane Americans to boot the UN's collective asses out of the US and doing exactly what he did for the Democrats to the UN bureaRats by doubling-down on incandescently stupid.

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