Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Dershowitz: If Ellison Wins I'm Outa Here!.....................from Dan Friedman

Alan, congratulations, and a Happy New Year to you and yours! It's great to see you manning up. Your latest PR campaign on behalf of yourself is truly impressive. You're popping up all over the place, protecting your "legacy’ and how you'll be remembered in perpetuity. A sign of a visionary, no doubt. And your fans can’t get enough! In fact, I’m waiting for the I-told-you-so’s to start pouring in any minute now.
But if an anti-Semitic political leader with close ties to Islam is your red line for leaving the Democratic party, why the heck didn’t you tell us 8 years ago!? We might have saved ourselves a lot of acrimony over the years, and Israel a world of pain.
If only you had made that announcement when Barack Hussein Obama first ran for the Oval Office with your blessings - not just for one term but two. Who knows? We might have even ended up as bosom buddies, and our beloved Israel would not have its back against the wall facing a deteriorating Mid East, a hostile “international community,” and a nuclear-enabled Iran.
But hey, Alan, we can both agree that it makes no sense to cry over a little spilt milk now. What’s done is done. So glad you’re finally coming around.

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