Tuesday, 3 January 2017

What is half of nothing?....................from Rico

As eight years of half-assing his way through OEC [Operation Enduring Clusterf**k] Obama does something in response to imaginary and unproven allegations of Russian hacking, but so far hasn't done anything about real and proven hacking of OPM by the Chinese years ago now?
Why that is?
- Because our D-in-C [Dindoonuffin' in Chief] only does 'something' when it's all about nothing, and never 'does anything' when it's about something. Barry is a hack, a big nothing burger.
As one whose information was stolen, I got a real "warm and fuzzy" when a letter arrived from the USG offering credit monitoring at no cost to me (except as a taxpayer) and some tips on how to prevent identity theft.
- I actually was doing a mighty fine job of protecting my information and identity.....until I had to share it with the USG for my security clearance.

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