Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Faster Congress, Repeal Repeal Repeal....................from Rico

I considered using the title of a swell Russ Meyers film "Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill Kill" but decided against it, not wanting to "trigger" any special snowflakes, Trigglypuffs, or Gluten-sensitive types.
- That's why I used the subject line above instead. Because I really give a crap...er, care about you freaks!
If Congress needed a 'reason' to immediately REPEAL ObamaCare, surely the 2017 premiums argue the case.
- Americans NEED relief from this exclusively Democrat theft and swindle.
Replace? Hardy-har-har! You don't REPLACE the fire that is burning your house down with more fire, do you?
- Well, unless you're a "progressive" politician or academic "expert" that is. 
In other news: Ringling Bros. Circus is closing, removing job opportunities for professional clowns from the economy. Progressive Democrats and Academic "experts" hardest hit. Mediasaurs wringing hands and weeping, fear they're next.

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