Friday, 3 February 2017

False Flags and True Colors..........................from Rico

The Leftists love to play games, especially with words.
- Semantics. Left is right [when it is so very wrong], progressive is FORWARD [when it is so very backwards].
Lefty WORD GAMES started early-on, with Lenin's Communists calling themselves "the majority" [Bolsheviks] when they were clearly an agitating minority.
You may have noticed that the WORD GAMES have never stopped, with things like the hugely-unaffordable ObamaCare which was called the "Affordable Care Act."
PC speech itself is a huge false flag exercise, WORD GAMES that far surpass the Clintonian "it depends on the meaning of is" with the use of labels like:
- progressive [which is regressive]
- feminist [which is now misandry]
- illegal immigrants [who are criminal aliens]
- anti-immigration [which means pro-American]
The WORD GAMES continue, as the "progressives" [regressives] talk about Muslims being the "religion of peace", or (while rarely spoken) even more deceptive lone-wolf "radicals" when they are really mainstream ORTHODOX Muslims [people who actually believe what their Koran actually tells them].
Their TRUE COLORS are revealed by their actions and the flags they fly. Remember the Leftard protest "flags" of campaign 2016? [Palestinian, Cuban, USSR, et al.]
- How about this FLAG at the UC Berkeley (Oakland) anti-free speech riot?

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