Friday, 3 February 2017

I WANT one........................from Rico

I WANT one of these, maybe two of 'em...
Mossberg just announced a new 12ga pump shotgun, the "590 Shockwave" [pictured] featuring a 14-inch barrel.
- Since the overall length is 26-inches, it is classed as a regular firearm according to BATF and does NOT require a $pecial tax stamp.
This is the first legal civilian chance for an average citizen to own a factory-made 14-inch bbl shotgun without paying the Gummint through the nose for the privilege.
- I'm sure Trump will have NO problem with the concept of making better home defense both "affordable and available" to the average Joe and Jane Doe, and that our Marxist Barry-the-has-been is wetting his pants in frustration at even more "winning" and MAGA.
At $450 MSRP these are gonna sell like crazy!
- Load is 5+1, but if you use Aguila Mini Shells the capacity increases and recoil is diminished....making it pleasant for ladies (and old men) to shoot because of the greatly reduced recoil.
If the famous "chuk-chuk" racking sound of a pump action from behind the door does not deter an evil-dooer with bad intent, a shit-storm of buckshot WILL solve the problem.
- And it just looks cool.


Billll said...

At distances greater than 3 yards, your chances of actually hitting your target diminish rapidly without a stock. Adding a short conventional stock will greatly enhance your accuracy.

The Aguila shells pack pretty much the same recoil as the longer ones as all that is missing is the shock absorbing wadding.

No word yet to my knowledge, that the shorties will reliably feed in the gun. I know my Mossburg doesn't like them. Shell length seems to have been established with the invention of the shotgun shell which at the time was probably loaded with black powder. Somebody tell me why all shotgun shells aren't shorties and all smokeless shotguns aren't short-action / higher capacity?


I think I just found my next gun . . .

Allen said...

Billll add a stock to this and go to jail. use it stiff-armed, like a big pistol. push it out and away from you roll with the recoil. if you really need it put a single point sling from the butt of the grip, and tension that to steady it.I have a 500 with a grip like this and an 18" barrel and I do just fine at 30 yards with slugs.

they did design it to work with the mini-shells.