Friday, 10 February 2017


An Iranian slashes. A few feet away, an Iraqi with scissors begins his attack... and it's all happening peacefully in an American barber shop.

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Eskyman said...

Well, that was almost as bad as watching CNN. Bill Whittle's the only one who seems to have any sense. Scott Ott and Stephen Green are SJWs, or perhaps just brainwashed establishment fools.

News to those two: muslims DO NOT ASSIMILATE. Check out Dearborne, MI for an example. The men have multiple 'wives' but collect welfare for them all, the women have to wear those submission garments called burka or hijab, they all take Americans for fools. We are fools! We let them come here, build mosques which WE pay for, and where they plot our destruction. I say, NO MORE! Send them all back!

They will NEVER become Americans, they will always be muslims first!