Thursday, 9 February 2017

Trump Hatred - British Political Hypocrites Vent Their Phony Anger..............from Daniel Thomas

The anti-Trump hysteria that is currently sweeping across the world is an indication that the newly elected President of the United States has set about reversing the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America embarked upon by the Obama administration from the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth into a mediocre third world  backwater.

This regressive ‘fundamental transformation’ was an integral part of the UN/EU globalist post war plan to create a borderless, egalitarian one world which President Trump has vowed to destroy by putting the interests of the American people first.

It’s also a clear demonstration of the awesome power that the UN/EU globalists can unleash when their progress toward a borderless, egalitarian one world government is threatened. The media machine at their disposal has whipped up such hatred and hysteria across the planet riots have broken out in American cities and cities across the world against President Trump.

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