Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trump Hatred - Disrespecting The American People And Taking Them For Fools..........from Daniel Thomas

The manufactured hysteria being whipped up around the world against President Trump under the pretext of a cruel immigration ban exposes not only the power of the global media machine but the determination of the global elite to prevent him from governing and putting a halt to their ‘fundamental transformation’ agenda.

It also exposes the lies, deceit and dirty tricks they employ, along with using embedded corrupt public
officials, including the judiciary, to prevent the President from fulfilling his campaign promise to keep the American people safe.

His Executive Order (EO) to put in place a temporary ban on immigration from seven America hating, terrorist infested countries which were highlighted by the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration has been variously described as an immigrant ban, a Muslim ban and the more emotion triggering ‘refugee ban’ which was designed to wind up the snowflakes and bring them onto the streets in protest.

To the mature, emotionally stable and informed members of the populace none of these are true, the EO is exactly what it says it is; a temporary ban on immigration from these hideous places until proper vetting procedures can be put in place that weeds out the terrorists and anyone else that despises America, does not share it’s values and hates its people and their way of life.

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