Monday, 6 March 2017

This is the stuff of police states................from Rico

The toothpaste just keeps coming out of the tube.....the politically-motivated abuse of Presidential power of Stalinesque proportions by the Obama regime.
- And, like fluoride, it is toxic to a free Republic.
Now we learn that AG Sessions was also bugged by Barry while he was still Senator Sessions.
- I'd bet Vegas odds there's a lot more who were surveiled for the 'crime' of being considered Barry's political opponents.
Multiple federal agencies were involved, not least the DOJ which used the fiction of chasing Russian spies like Boris and Natasha as their 'cover for action' against Trump & Co while busily burying a clear case of felony criminal wrongdoing by Hillary that actually threatened national security.
- No wonder I often 'felt' like I was living behind the Iron Curtain under a totalitarian Communist regime....I was. Only it was one constructed in America by Barry and his comrades.
This is no small thing, spying upon your domestic political opposition. It is the very stuff that leads to a dystopia like "1984" as George Orwell tried to warn all of us back in 1948.
- This should not be minimized, trivialized, or allowed to pass. This is as serious as it gets, and I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Everyone who's not a sodding Communist should be just as mad.
Just like there is NO ONE left to pardon Hillary, there is NO ONE left to pardon Barry.
- But Barry, unlike Hillary, is not a US Citizen. He's the adopted son of the Muslim Indonesian Lolo Soetoro. As such, while Hillary deserves a long sentence in Federal prison, it seems only "fair" that Barry be turned over to his beloved Muslims who will gleefully throw his ass from a rooftop for being gay, thereby pleasing Allah...and many others in the process. Call it more WINNING.
In other news:
- Richard Nixon is laughing his ass off.
- Hillary Clinton is still not President.

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