Monday, 6 March 2017

This job needs to be done.......

TowerGate is Barry's greatest "legacy."
- JFK put a man on the moon, but after putting a man in the ladies toilet Barry put a bug in Trump Tower, and his legacy is treason most foul.
President Obama manipulated legal intelligence gathering tools to illegally monitor Presidential candidate Trump, and later President-elect Trump.
- If you don't believe the dickHolder-Lynch DOJ was in Barry's pocket...
- If you haven't already concluded that Barry is a criminal and liar...
                            RAISE YOUR HAND
Now slap yourself repeatedly until it penetrates your skull that what we now see with TowerGate wasn't personal, it was TREASON. Treason worthy of a contemporary Nuremberg Trial for Barry and his stooges. Some people need to be:
- Charged with TREASON
- Arrested for TREASON
- Tried for TREASON
- Executed for TREASON 
Nothing personal or political here, but the American people should not show these traitors any mercy....that's not their job.
- It's their job to arrange the meeting.
Being merciful is God's job.


gwestendor said...

..and Obama is just getting warmed up. He's got his shadow govt. set up and he's got an agenda. Time to put him away figuratively speaking.

Mark Matis said...

And the NSA and the CIA and the FBI are STILL tapping President Trump's communications and feeding results to Obama and the DNC.