Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Ignoring Charlie Gard - Senators Vote for Socialized Medicine.................from Daniel Thomas

Whether it was the revenge of a bitter and twisted John McCain or the treachery of his colleagues in the Senate is of no consequence now. Despite acknowledging that Obamacare is a disaster for the American people they voted for it to remain the law of the land.

Their health and wellbeing doesn’t even register on the political radar when it comes to a self-serving political class who are immune from the disasters they impose on others.

After spending seven long years making solemn promises to repeal and replace Obamacare they reneged on those promises knowing that it would fail, as it was designed to do, thus paving the way for a government run single payer system, better known as socialized medicine.

It’s fair to assume that these Senators and Representatives knew the consequences of their action and therefore find the nationalization of the healthcare sector acceptable.

For the multitude of socialist/communists/liberals that infest the Congress this support for socialized medicine is a godsend which moves them closer to a core tenet of their perverted ideology.

The real treachery lies with those legislators who profess to be the champions of individual liberty and free enterprise but voted to inflict a healthcare nightmare on their constituents.

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Anonymous said...

Trump better get this in gear or he is going to lose the house or seanet or both. That WOULD NOT be good for the population of America. Heltau

Daniel Thomas said...

It's the House and the Senate that are holding things up rather than President Trump. It looks like swamp dwellers are happy to lose both.