Wednesday, 2 August 2017

More WINNING-National Debt REDUCED..................from Rico

Have you 'noticed' that the "progressive" Democrats (C) project their own flaws onto others to avoid looking into the mirror?
- Yes, the once national political party (which is notorious for historically being in bed with the Russians) has relentlessly pursued the fractured fairy tale of Trump and the Russians. Somewhere in the depths of Hell Teddy Kennedy is laughing his pitchfork-pocked ass off.
- Not that the party of 'tolerance and inclusiveness' is intolerant and excludes people they don't approve of like conservative whites or pro-lifers, or that these proponents of 'free speech' continuously gnaw at the First Amendment with their "free speech zones" and efforts to control the internet, pc-speak (and many more examples) or anything like that.
But I digress....while the "progressive" media and political establishment is too busy/uninterested in talking about MORE WINNING (like Obama's "dream" military being straightened-out), here is another example...Trump reducing the national debt.

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