Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Women's Day Ignores The Victims of Misogynistic Abuse.................Dan T.

Today is the day where women in western countries take the opportunity to put their hypocrisy on full public display by making a lot of noise about victimhood, inequality and male bias but actually doing nothing to address the real issues that torment the lives of millions of women across the planet.

This raises two important issues:

In order to continue the victimhood narrative they deliberately avoid highlighting the monumental achievements of women since universal suffrage was achieved in Great Britain and more importantly they ignore the shocking and degrading treatment of their abused sisters that live in their midst and around the world.

Regular readers will know that I have no love for British Prime Minister, Theresa May, but I commend her for her speech on this International Women's Day where she listed the achievements of British women which the sisterhood chose to ignore.

Although there is still some way to go in the area of gender equality the list is impressive but obviously not impressive enough to get a mention from the sisterhood.

In Great Britain the Head of State is a woman and Theresa May herself is the second of two female Prime Ministers, the other being the inimitable Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher.

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