Friday, 9 March 2018

They say it like it's a bad thing...................from Rico

The "globalists" aka "progressives" [read: Communists-Socialists] say populism like it's a bad thing, even a cuss-word.
- Well, I guess that's what it them.
The last few decades and BREXIT, Trump, and now the Italian elections has to be scaring them to death.
- Their deceitful scheme is being understood by more and more of the very people the "progtards" have slated for destruction.
Populism [read: support for the 'ordinary' people and their concerns] is antithetical to what the self-selected 'elites' want.
- Ordinaries want freedom from the consequences of the actions of Liberals.
- Liberals want freedom from the consequences of their own actions.
Deutsche Bank may be 'on' to something here, but it makes you wonder about the state of populism in Zimbabwe or South Africa today.....

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