Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Try not to think of it as "Draining the Swamp" so much as.....................from Rico

Draining the Swamp aka the Deep State is very much like taking down a large criminal syndicate, the latter being a subject I have some familiarity with.
We are dealing with a massive, complex, network of criminal activity, corruption, and fraud with many participants at each level...Low, Middle, High.
- The more low-level felons you can identify and 'flip' the easier it gets to climb the ladder and get the mid-level managers, flip them in turn, and finally nail the high-level kingpins at the top. Felonius von Pantsuit is no where near being in the clear...were I her, I'd be drinking heavily too!
It is foolish to merely trim the low-level criminal weeds without decapitating [damn, I'm getting to really LIKE that word when applied to the ring-leaders] the entire organization at the very top, for then the enterprise merely regenerates and you have the same problem to deal with all over again.
- Sure, it's frustrating to not be having perp walks and orange jumpsuits just yet, and it seems that things just are not happening fast enough...but in order to bring the entire criminal enterprise down completely, you need to be able to really nail the very top players.
Make no mistake, the Deep State felons are cornered with no where to hide...and the smarter ones already know it.
- We have already seen some of the soldiers aka Andy McCabe's outed.
- And next will be the capos like the Clapper's and the Brennan's.
- But nothing much will really 'seem' to happen, until is suddenly does happen, and the capo di tutti capo's like Soros, Barry, and the Clinton's are rolled-up...and that won't be until the 'proof' of their wrong-doings has been signed, sealed, and delivered.
My personal 'best guess' is that we are already 70-80% 'there' and still have just a little more to go before the Rule of Law is finally restored.
- But I think it WILL be restored. Completely restored. The preparations for dismantling are happening fast compared to how very long the criminals have had to construct their syndicate.

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