Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Uh, so?.................from Rico

So what? SFW?
Why should anyone care whether Trump banged a stripper or not?
- My money is on the "not" because a billionaire can do better than an attention-whore stripper anytime he cares to.
- He was NOT President...or even in politics...at the time of this alleged sex romp with Stripper Stormy.
- He was NOT President banging interns and playing hide-the-cigar in the Oval Office at the time of this alleged sex romp with Stripper Stormy.
On the other hand, Slick Willie was proven (not alleged) to be banging women like a screen door in a hurricane while holding elected public office as Governor and President. He was also a serial rapist along the way, too.
- He was impeached for being a sex-weasel.
Hey, Lefties!
- Spare us all the self-righteous faux moral outrage.
I conjecture that apart from the hypocritical 'wink-wink, nudge-nudge' from the Liberals Free Willy got, there would have been calls to give him a third term if he had said "I did have sex with that woman" instead of lying on camera and saying "I did not have sex with that woman."
- Where are your cheers of "good for you" for Trump?

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Drew458 said...

Monica was the hottest piece Bill Clinton ever got.

Even if Trump did Stormy, that was gutter crawling for him, and she was 5 times hotter than Monica. As for the alleged Karen MacDougal affair ... TOTAL SCORE !!! Don't forget, Trump was a NYC Democrat in those days. And for all we know, his wife was very "European" about that kind of thing. Hell, she was a top model, no stranger to the jet set party scene I'm sure.