Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Cadence..............from Rico

Old-timers will remember when combat boots were actually worn in BCT (basic combat training) and not sneakers, and running to a called cadence. Running a lot. It helped break-in both the boots and the recruits.
- Ditties that have surely disappeared in today's PC-stress card Basic Training, like "If I die on the Russian front, bury me in a Russian _(ahem)_" for just one example, or the truly 'classic' call immortalized by GYSGT Hartman about 'Ho Chi Minh being a son of a bitch' in "Full Metal Jacket" for another. Yeah, we really DID sing that one, too.
One cadence call that actually might have survived Barry's 'feminization' of the military came to mind when I looked at this below picture of C-130's. You may remember it fondly, too:
- "C-130's rollin' down the strip,
   Airborne daddy's gonna take a little trip"
And I can still 'hear' those fuckers taking off and flying right overhead of us in those WWII-era wooden barracks at Ft Bragg all god-damned night, one after the other endlessly it seemed...

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