Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Inflation....would they LIE? Say it ain't so.................from Rico

Of course governments lie. They lie all the time when it suits their purposes, and "inflation" [read: cost of living] is but one example of this mendacity.
- When a government is in debt...not just up to, but far above, it's eyeballs then low interest means lower payments to service the debt.
No 'official' inflation is a good thing. For government.
- For you, not so much.
Take a good look at the chart below reflecting the US inflation rate. Recall that the FED's 'target rate' is 2% (that 'joke' still makes me laugh every time I hear it, talk about liars!...not that a privately-owned, for-profit, bank would lie about anything mind you).
- Doesn't sound so bad, or very scary, does it?
Except to everyone else who actually has to pay for their cost of living (instead of borrowing endlessly like government does), they know better.
- Go here to 'see' what your real [read: no offishul BS] cost of living actually is:
just put down any beverages, swallow, and be sure you're sitting down when you go to the link.

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