Thursday, 17 May 2018

D is for: Dis is Hilarious.................from Rico

Snowflake (pictured below) is clearly delusional...yes, obviously a Democrat, and still 'ready for Hillary' too, one presumes.
Glossing over the incandescent retardation required to adhere to a demonstrably failed political idea, let's cut to the chase.
- At 500 yards? You have GOT to be shitting me! Dumbass cannot make it 5-feet to dispose of her own trash (look in the background) in the dumpster.
I do appreciate that Commie beret with the red star though, it makes a wonderful aiming point!
- That was most thoughtful of you sweetie.
Let's get together sometime and discuss that Democrat "blue wave" that doesn't exist and won't'd be hilarious to talk to in person!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey junior do something useful instead and take out the figgin trash!