Thursday, 17 May 2018

This is NOT good...................from Rico

This is NOT good, and not for the reason you might first think.
- I refer to the blatant and obvious manipulation of the Precious Metals on the COMEX [charts attached]:
Nobody wanting to make a profit [read: in their right mind] dumps $1.75 billion of paper Gold (+13,500 contracts) in ONE minute, ONE hour, before market open.
OK, merely on the face of it, owners of physical Gold and Silver might be slightly distracted by these games, but at the end of their trading day an ounce is still an ounce, and retains an intrinsic value that digital, synthetic, rehypothecated, virtual 'commodities' do not and never will. Meh, BFD would be the logical response to the above.
- And holders of paper contracts are interested by virtue of being 'long' or 'short' on them [think: in, or out of, the money] which are not yet due, so a WTF from them might not even be warranted.
So what am I talking about here? The word is BLATANT.
- Something, somewhere, is very wrong when the 'cartel does not even try to hide pushing the spot price around like this.
This 'rigging' or 'managing' or whatever you want to call it has been bad enough, but when someone gets a 'tap' on the shoulder and is told 'just fuck it, then' and OPENLY makes the paper markets puke, this is NOT GOOD and something is VERY WRONG [read: going, or about to go] for TPTB to be so openly DESPERATE.
- Wish I knew for sure what was happening deep under the surface of the roiling CRIMEX water.

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