Friday, 11 May 2018

When Cash is no longer King.................from Rico

It has long been argued that all wars are ultimately about money. True or not, it is always worth asking "who benefits?" [CUI BONO]
- So how about asking that about the "War on Cash" then?
Sure, it is a concept 'sold' as preventing crime and bad things done by bad people, and every effort is made to create an effortless, convenient, and easy path to go cashless by TPTB.
- Would they lie? Ask CUI BONO, who benefits? [tip: not YOU.]
1. BANKS. They collect "fee'$" on all card transactions. They also collect more than just your money, but something else that's valuable...your data-trail of purchases, which is pure gold to merchants and marketeers.
- YOU? You lose all privacy.
2. GOVERNMENTS. Your deeply-caring tax man wants to see your electronic money trail (all of it) to monitor your spending and prevent you from 'cheating' them...or doing anything government might not 'approve' of.
- YOU? Try not to think of it as your money.
So what? Electronic payment is easy and fast. What's the big deal when CASH is no longer KING?
- Hope the power never stops because of a natural, or a governmental, disaster.
- Private, legal, transactions become illegal and/or impossible in a cashless economy.
When Banks and Governments kill cash, then you lose the power of cash-in-hand, along with your freedom and privacy.
- All the power, freedom, and privacy at that point belongs to the Banks and the Governments, not YOU.
Now repeat after me: "I'm from the government, and I'm here to gimme all your money."

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