Friday, 31 August 2018

Brennan - Think about this.........from Rico

Fair disclosure: I consider that Obama never did anything for the good of the US, but instead did everything he possibly could to harm the US.

- This included surrounding himself with people he judged able and willing to do the most damage.


Let's talk about his bromance with John Brennan today.


1. Brennan visited Mecca. Let that sink in. Non-Muslims are NOT allowed to set foot in Mecca, and that is strictly enforced. Deportation is the least of your problems if you get caught trying to visit Islam's holiest city as a kaffir/infidel.


2. As COS Saudia he over-rode the 'concerns and refusal' to issue visa's to all 19 individuals who later became the 9-11 Saudi hijackers, and ordered those 19 visas be issued.


3. In 2013 he was the first, and only, head of the CIA to be sworn-in not on a bible.


No wonder that asshole Obama loved this guy, he's an asshole too!

- Tells you a lot about CNN that they hired him, does it not?

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