Saturday, 1 September 2018

No wonder the criminals are wiggling and dancing................from Rico

Allow me to interrupt the 24/7 liberal self-wedging panty fiesta with something more significant than their Socialist word-salad. Something they will not be telling you...


This is big. YUGE!

- Thank God for Judicial Watch, because there no longer exists a functioning DOJ or FBI.


Have you wondered at all 'why' so many Swamp critters are wiggling and dancing?

- It's not the last few drops down their pants, but it's the realization that they have been caught in multiple frauds and crimes.


It's not 'just' that there was witting and willful FISA fraud, but now we learn there were NO FISA HEARINGS!

So the FISA court/judges were "in" on the scam too?

- The cover up is becoming worse than the crime? [And the crime was bad enough.]


Remember Yates and Comey? Yeah, they lied.

- They have also been fired, but they have NOT been 'forgotten'...nor are they safe from CRIMINAL REFERRALS.


And they will not be alone, they'll have company.

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