Sunday, 12 August 2018

Dawn of the Digital Dark Age........from Rico

Witness the dawn of the Digital Dark Age.

- A handful of "social media" giants (you know who they are) now have near-complete control over many aspects of most peoples modern existence.


These cultural terrorists have brought you an Orwellian dystopia where the self-selected 'elites' of Silicon Valley and the Swamp will decide what you need to see, and what you don't, seizing unilaterally virtuasl digital control over free speech and a free society.

- Disagree, and you will be deleted. Terminated. Just ask Alex Jones. He won't be the last...


But these "thought police" are doing it for your own good, deplorables!


PS - Now think about 'digital money' and the control YOU give up, and the absolute control these trustworthy, altruisitic, your benevolent "masters" would gain.

- Still think it's a good idea?

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