Sunday, 12 August 2018

Minnesota: Svenskarnasdag with Goats.........from Rico

This is what the Socialists meant by "fundamental transformation"...


I have watched with equal amounts of amazement, horror, shock, and sorrow as Sweden voluntarily committed cultural suicide.

- What gives? They are not stupid people by any means.


Socialism taken to the extreme has killed Sweden forever.


Now Minnesota? [For those who do not know, Minnesota used to be largely populated by Swedes and Norwegians, who were convinced that 'diversity' was somehow 'good'...but without any evidence or facts presented to support the allegation...and now has become a mirror-image of the failed African state Somalia, and may well become a failed US state itself.]


Think I exaggerate? Consider this headline: Minnesotan Democrat Candidate for Congress Divorces Her Brother.

- Now read that once again. WTF?


Those wild and crazy Lutheran kids, I tell 'ya!

- What gives? They are not stupid people by any means.

- What happened? Did all the lutefisk go bad? Were the lingonberries somehow tainted? Was the coffee at the Lutheran brunch spiked with LSD?


Socialism taken to the extreme threatens to kill Minnesota forever.

- Svenskarnasdag with goats just won't be the same...

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