Friday, 14 September 2018

That's quite enough, Democrats.........from Rico

After how many bazillion pages of documents (well, more than any other SCOTUS nominee has ever provided), 65 one-on-one meetings between Kavanaugh and Senators (including Diane Feinstein, D-CA), 30 hours of testimony before the Senate (2,000 questions), and 25 years of public service...only just now, at the last minute before a confirmation vote putting Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS, this?

- You have GOT to be shitting us! It beggars belief.


Diane Feinstein (D-CA) suddenly, out of the blue, produces an unspecified allegation from an unidentified source, concerning something from Kavanaugh's High School days? (Bwa-hahahaha...look at anyone's HS days, including yours, DiFi).

- A purely partisan political bit of not just sabotage, but character assassination?

- A purely partisan political bit of fresh, steaming BS?


Nawww. Say it ain't so, Democrats!

- Not after your genius Porny Daniels 'play' [think: stripper, porn star, escort] which worked so very well for you. Are you really that fucking dumb? Are you really that full of shit?


Hey DiFi, Schmuckie & crew, if America wants any more shit out of you we'll squeeze your heads!

- That's quite enough, Democrats.


Oh. The 2018 mid-terms elections are in less than 60 days now.

- This will be remembered.

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