Friday, 14 September 2018

That's quite enough, Democrats.........from Rico

After how many bazillion pages of documents (well, more than any other SCOTUS nominee has ever provided), 65 one-on-one meetings between Kavanaugh and Senators (including Diane Feinstein, D-CA), 30 hours of testimony before the Senate (2,000 questions), and 25 years of public service...only just now, at the last minute before a confirmation vote putting Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS, this?

- You have GOT to be shitting us! It beggars belief.


Diane Feinstein (D-CA) suddenly, out of the blue, produces an unspecified allegation from an unidentified source, concerning something from Kavanaugh's High School days? (Bwa-hahahaha...look at anyone's HS days, including yours, DiFi).

- A purely partisan political bit of not just sabotage, but character assassination?

- A purely partisan political bit of fresh, steaming BS?


Nawww. Say it ain't so, Democrats!

- Not after your genius Porny Daniels 'play' [think: stripper, porn star, escort] which worked so very well for you. Are you really that fucking dumb? Are you really that full of shit?


Hey DiFi, Schmuckie & crew, if America wants any more shit out of you we'll squeeze your heads!

- That's quite enough, Democrats.


Oh. The 2018 mid-terms elections are in less than 60 days now.

- This will be remembered.


Mark Matis said...

Kill the Communists.

Every one of them.

And every one of their enablers.

Sabre22 said...

One thing your forgetting similar tactics worked to get rid of Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Race.