Friday 26 October 2018

A Tale of Two Movements: Sharia_Antifa..........from Rico

While EUropastan has decided to enforce Sharia Law [the recent decision that no-one may insult Islam or Mo-ham-ed], the worm has turned in America and Antifa assholes are being arrested, charged, and brought to trial.

- Think about that for a moment...

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Anonymous said...

Arrest and jail are a wonderful reward for these marxist little sh*ts, but if I were the judge, I'd make it 15 years with hard labor 6/7/365 and deny parole, with stints in Solitary for griping and complaining.

The best thing about their arrest is the enjoyment that the prison bulls will have with them. Love, tenderness and cold night sweats as they contemplate their next day with the fellas.