Friday, 26 October 2018

Sinead goes Shahada?.......from Rico

I had long forgotten Sinead O'Connor until her recent conversion to Islam.

- Her one 'hit' in 1990 was quite unlistenable, and with nothing going for her since, it was like she just suddenly told Cat Stevens "watch this, and hold my beer."


After all, becoming a Muzzie did so very much for his career, what could possibly go wrong for hers?


She has assumed the Musloid name 'Shahada' which roughly translates to 'shithead' or 'shit-for-brains' which fits neatly, but I would vote for 'ramalama-ding-dong' myself, if asked.


FIREBIRD said...

I thought Sinead O'Connor was dead! OOPS!

Anonymous said...

no woman in her right mind would want to convert to is-lam. oh yeah, never mind.